Tenchi Muyo: GXP Novelization

These pictures come from the recently-released novelization of the series. Thank you to Oni_shin for scanning and sending them to me!

Please note that illustration 10 is not work safe and might cause nosebleeds, resulting in deployment of the Seto Scout EMS team.

Amane introduces herself to Seina

Minaho introduces the Seto Scouts

Kiriko gets her new assignment

Seina's mother and little sister

Mitoto. What else needs saying?

Seina dreams of Kiriko's approval

The captain learns about Seina's "talent"

Kamiki Seto Jurai, the "Oni Hime"

Gyokuren welcomes Seina aboard Mikagami

Hakuren has a wet and wild moment with Seina

Ryoko Balouta is a wee bit confused about events

Mitoto and her father share a precious family moment

"Obaa-chan? Did you...just call me...obaa-chan?"

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