True Tenchi Novels:

Airi of Airai presents herself to Seto of Jurai.

Ayeka's true genetic heritage comes out (with some help from Washu)

Washu decides to show off her latest someone else's expense, of course.

Sempai Airi welcomes Yosho to the Galaxy Academy

When Airi offers a ten-second tour, she MEANS a ten-second tour!

Yosho talks with his best friend, Kanemitsu Hirata.

Airi assists Yosho in his studies.

Seto tells Yosho the tragic tale of how she and Utsutsumi met.

The Potentate of Airai
(Airi's home world).

Yosho's tree Funaho greets Airi with puppies when she visits

In the aftermath of her battle with Yosho, Ryoko captures a hostage.

Years later, Yosho contacts Airi and..."SHE'S YOUR DAUGHTER, IDIOT!"

Funaho prepares to work on the Great Hall redecoration project.

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